Bac Foundation in Law Timetable 2020

The degree includes the study of courses worth 12 units over three years plus LSE100. During the first and second year, a series of core courses will give you an understanding of the role of the main business areas: accounting, finance, operations and information management, organizational behavior, human resource management and marketing, and a mandatory course in the third year provides a foundation for organizational strategy. Microeconomics I* This course provides a foundation to help students understand important microeconomic issues using a variety of approaches, including quantitative methods. See the full list of evaluation schedules currently available. The first year combines rigorous courses in quantitative methods taught mainly in other departments of the LSE (economics, mathematics, statistics and accounting) and basic application courses taught by the faculty within the department of management. In addition, you also take LSE100. https www Bac Edu My Wp Content Uploads 2020 02 Uol Student Handbook Sept 2018 Ii Pdf Home students: The 2023 tuition fee for new home students is £9,250 per year. Undergraduate fees for home students may increase in subsequent years depending on inflation. Contextual admissions A-level grades** AAB including an A in Mathematics BSc Management students acquire the skills required to be effective managers. You will learn to understand organizations and management practices through the rigorous lenses of economics, finance, statistics, mathematics and accounting.

Two of: Marketing * Covers customer behavior; segmentation, targeting and positioning; product management and dissemination; pricing, placement and promotion; and marketing relations. Information Systems*Covers the role of data, information and knowledge within management. Human Resource Management* Provides insight into human resource management in a way that attracts students preparing for the global management market. For this program, we are looking for students who have the following characteristics, skills and attributes: They also benefit from our student-teacher ratio. Summative assessment (assessment that counts towards your final grade and graduation prize): The summative evaluation of a course can take the form of an essay or article to be submitted, a group project, an exam in May or June, or a mix of these. Your final grade is based on your performance over the three years, with the performance of the second and third years counting more. You will also receive feedback on all summative courses that you are required to submit as part of the evaluation of individual courses (with the exception of the final version of the thesis submitted). You will usually receive these comments before the review period. Finance*Provides an introduction to companies` financial decisions, particularly the budgeting of fixed assets; household financial decisions; the role of the financial system in the economy and in cash flows; Causes and consequences of recent financial crises. The fees include registration and examination fees payable at the school, lectures, courses and individual supervision, conferences held at other universities under intercollegiate agreements and, under current regulations, membership in the student body.

It does not cover the cost of living, travel or fieldwork. The LSE is an international community with more than 140 nationalities represented in its student body. We celebrate this diversity through everything we do. Webinars, videos, student blogs and student video diaries will help you better study at the LSE for those who can`t make it to our campus. Discover LSE from home. This module introduces you to the art of public oral presentation and teaches it effectively to develop your confidence, oral and thinking skills. This module improves your language skills through basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, while integrating grammar and thematic vocabulary so that you can express yourself clearly and accurately in English. Our Foundation in Law is fully accredited and recognised by world-class universities in the UK, such as: For students who wish to continue their university studies, knowledge of the use of academic English is essential and is indeed one of the fundamental tools for researching and writing scientific papers. This module trains you in the correct use of the English language, which can be applied in a professional environment. Academic Mentors – an academic staff member you meet at least once a semester and who can help you with academic, administrative or personal matters.

(See Teaching and Assessment). K Legge Human Resource Management: rhetorics and realities (Anniversary Edition, Palgrave, 2005) Academic Mentor: You will be assigned to a staff member as an academic mentor who will have pastoral responsibility for you and can advise you on your choice of topics. In your third year, you will take a mandatory course, Strategy; plus three management-related options. Please note that the evaluation of individual courses may change from year to year. A reference to the current formative courses and summative assessment for each course can be found in the corresponding course guide. The introduction to the LSE information, communication and technology is a transformative experience as it is both challenging and exciting. The variety of courses offered at BSc Management has allowed me to discover and delight in courses that I would never have thought of before. In addition to academics, the LSE has allowed me to carry out many projects, from the organization of events to debate and teaching. All of this led me to step out of my comfort zone and look for the best version of myself. Language Center – the center specializes in providing language courses tailored to the needs of students and practitioners of the social sciences. We offer pre-course programs in English for academic purposes; Support of the English language during your studies; modern language courses in 9 languages; Proofreading, translation and authentication of documents, and community language learning activities. The 2023 tuition fee for international students is £24,264.

Tuition fees abroad remain the same for each subsequent year of your full-time studies, regardless of the length of your program. This information applies to first-year students abroad who start their studies from 2023. Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)* Develops the basic mathematical tools necessary for the pursuit of studies in economics and related disciplines. LSE Careers – With the help of LSE Careers, you can make the most of the opportunities London has to offer. Whatever your future career plans, LSE Careers will work with you and connect you with opportunities and experiences, from internships and volunteering to networking events and ideas from employers and alumni. Any bachelor`s degree program longer than one year will have Discover Uni data. The data allows you to compare information about individual programs from different universities. Brickfields Asia College S Competitors Sales Number of employees Financing acquisitions News Owler Company Profile Managerial EconomicsOffers economic theoretical information relevant for applications in management decision-making. Econometrics: Theory and ApplicationProvides an in-depth understanding of the quantitative techniques that guide evidence-based decision-making in management.

Learn more about the teaching and assessment methods of LSE`s Disability and Wellness Department – staff are experts in long-term health issues, sensory impairments, mental health and specific learning disabilities. They offer confidential and free services such as student counselling, a peer support program, organizing exam adjustments, and holding groups and workshops. A-Levels*AAA, including an A in mathematicsWe also consider your AS grades, if available.

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