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Our expertise in environmental law covers the following areas: „You are not afraid to tackle difficult and revolutionary cases. Only her attitude towards her distinguishes her. They also refined the art of employing various specialists, including data teams, mathematicians – whatever skills are required to perfect the case and provide the best service to customers. They are ambitious, motivated, commercial and strategic, ensuring the best results for customers. „A very strong team of environmental lawyers. Working knowledge of environmental issues. Able to help with difficult questions. „Few companies have environmental practices. The SPB team is developing a strong reputation in this emerging field, helping clients navigate ever-increasing regulatory requirements, while providing clear business advice and guidance to clients looking to engage in carbon offsetting for the first time, as was the case with my company. „Clifford Chance is our point of contact for all matters relating to the environment, health and safety, as well as chemical registration and related matters in the UK and across the EU.“ Our international team has raised the first cases that defined the law on how UK-based multinationals can be held responsible for pollution and massive environmental degradation.

This applies in particular to the mining, oil and gas extractive industries, which are caused by their activities outside the UK. A relatively new field, environmental law, has developed and developed since the late 70s and early 80s. It began as a form of law that dealt with harassment and issues that affect human health. Since then, the repertoire of environmental laws has expanded to cover a wide range of topics. ClientEarth has legal programs in the areas of climate, energy, pollution, rule of law, forests, oceans and wildlife, among others. Other organizations specialize in even more areas. „Solid understanding of environmental issues. Easy to work with. We advised an operator on the interpretation of its environmental permit and related guidelines for the storage of mixed WEEE. The regulator required the internal storage of mixed WEEE following a major fire at the site, but we found this requirement to be contrary to the conditions of the environmental permit.

We went to the regulator and helped them convince them that the licence did not allow them to apply for classified storage. If you want to start or improve your career in environmental law, the Uk Environmental Law Association (UKELA) is the member organisation of environmental law experts in the UK. UKELA provides the platforms and opportunities for environmental law professionals to connect and collaborate with a range of environmental law issues, and offers you the opportunity to write, speak or collaborate on the environmental law issue that really matters to you. „Excellent knowledge and advice in environmental law. Work well and integrate with other areas of CMS as needed to provide a comprehensive consulting package. Norton Rose Fulbright`s international network and expertise in various areas of environmental law enable the firm to operate in some of the largest multi-jurisdictional cases in this area. The team`s national workload also includes some of the largest infrastructure rehabilitation and development projects in the UK. The Environment, Safety and Planning team is led by three specialized partners: Caroline May, Chair of the Law Society`s Climate Change Working Group; Sarah Fitzpatrick, planning specialist with experience in environmental issues, including habitat and species conservation; and Laura Kiwelu, who works with the team on cross-financing projects for renewable energy and carbon and was recently promoted to partner. It also draws on the expertise of Lucy Bruce Jones, a „smart and pragmatic“ special advisor, whose workload includes the environmental aspects of project developments and transactions. Andrew Hedges left the company in November 2021 and our environmental advocacy and consulting service is free, giving you access to a market-leading team of environmental experts whenever you need support and support. Our „innovative work“ and „commitment to ensuring justice for clients“ means that we are consistently ranked as a leading law firm for environmental and public law matters in the two leading legal directories – The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

„The team has a very good understanding of the interests and needs of large corporate clients in terms of environmental prosecutions and environmental permit requirements. Mayer Brown International LLP`s environmental team is led by Tim Baines, an „extremely good“ lawyer with a particular interest in advising clients in the real estate, energy and sustainability sectors.

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